Aurimas Guoga

  • Founder of successful personality movement in Lithuania
  • Corporate consultant
  • Businessman
  • Lecturer on pioneering ideas
  • Writer
  • Author of books and audio and video programmes
  • Host of a radio programme


  • wife Diana, twins Marta and Augustas.

Education / Professional studies

  • 1991–1995 Vilnius University. Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature.
  • 1995–1997 International Business School. Degree in Economics.
  • 2001–present Professional self-improvement studies.
  • 2003–2004 Studies in NLP and psychotherapy.


  • 1999–present Magistrai, a language service
  • 2003–2006 Walltone, Ltd., a British company, trade agent for the Baltic countries & Ukraine
  • 2004–2007 UAB Desora, Retail provider of bathroom equipment.

Author of unique seminars

  • Jewish Wisdom. Practical Lessons for non-Jews
  • Secrets of Jewish Entrepreneurship
  • Successful Nation Idea
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Successful Investor Psychology
  • Parents and Children. How to Raise a Happy, Self- Confident Child
  • Seminar for Men. Rich Relationships with Women

Writer and publicist

  • Book: Dare to Be Manly. How to Establish a Personality Attractive to Women (2003)
  • Book: Successful Nation Idea (2009)
  • Over 50 publications on successful personality and successful nation.

Author of audio programmes and video seminars

  • The Unseen Part of Success
  • Paradox of Happiness
  • Parents and Children. Between Influence and Tolerance
  • Successful Investor Psychology (with Prof. Rimvydas Jasinavicius)
  • Rich Relationships with Women
  • Business Theft

Host of a radio programme

  • Successful Nation Idea programme on News Radio

Main areas of teaching

  • Personal self-improvement and leadership
  • Raising children
  • Controlling negative emotions
  • Overcoming fears and phobias
  • Top level leadership
  • Improving corporate effectiveness
  • Creativity in business
  • Effective management and control

Consulting and other activities

  • Consulted over 100 companies of various sizes.
  • Head of parliamentary election campaign for Gintaras Steponavicius. Campaign was won.

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